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Jođus is a game made for the Sami Game Jam 2018.

It is a game about contemporary Sami culture: Life on the move between city and country, nature and culture, tradition and technology. Standing on a balance board, you control the game by leaning towards the left (country) or the right (city) with your body.

You can pick up items as you move along the way. They represent a diversity of Sami lifestyles - from traditional salmon fishing to reindeer herding helicopters. Life is a balancing act, and your Sami identity is what you make it to be. create a future as you like it.

How to build the custom controller:
1. Glue dowel to the centre of bottom side of wooden board, parallel to short side of board
2. break hinges apart (alternative: screw holes in 2 extra metal plates)
3. Screw 1 hinge each to centre of short edges of board, long side of hinge parallel to long side of the board.
4. Attach 2 aluminium plates to floor approx. 40 cm so that hinges can touch the metal plates when wooden board is placed on the floor.
5. cut footstep shapes out of sandpaper and glue it to top side of the board - optional: use strip of sandpaper to indicate the centre of the board (align with the dowel underneath) 
6. Cover board with felt piece (we used a single felt piece, but footsteps are OK too)
7. Mount the Makey Makey: left hinge goes to left arrow key, right hinge goes to right arrow key
8. Start the game

Milja Guttorm - creative lead, writing

Leevi Halonen - controller design

Sabine Harrer - design

Tatu Laine - programming

Sylvia Smatanová- art, animation

Chris Hamilton- interviews, editing

Elie Abraham - sounds and music


jodus_pc_and_source.zip 288 MB